6 Reasons Why Zach Braff Shouldn't Be On Kickstarter

2. He Had Already Been Offered Funding

Zach Braff Kickstarter Video Still

If Braff€™s film was a well-established franchise with a wide fanbase that really didn€™t have any other hope of financial backing like the Veronica Mars film was, the use of Kickstarter might be acceptable. Wish I Was Here does not fit that category. It€™s a quirky indie film that Braff is directing and starring in. And at least one studio had already seen its potential and agreed to front the money that Braff was after. But because he worried that the lack of creative control he€™d have would negatively affect the film and he wouldn€™t be given the film€™s final cut, he turned them down. Like I€™ve said before, if it comes to a point where you have to compromise in order to make your film, knuckle under and make the best of it. Or alternatively, find a studio that will give you the control you want or look for different ways of funding that aren€™t Kickstarter.
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