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Cinema has gifted us with some of the best and most memorable movie characters of all time, many of which have gone on to star in a multitude of sequels and have earned their places in the pantheon of iconic movie heroes for all of eternity (or something like that).

But sometimes we remember iconic movie heroes not because of how great they are in themselves, but because the events surrounding them are so memorable. Often, we can mistakenly attribute “awesome characters” to the wonderful stories that they happen to have been a part of. In a lot of cases, when you remove the story, you might discover that these heroes were actually rather boring, lacking in personalities, and kind of cardboard in nature.

You might even go as far as to say that removing some of these characters entirely and replacing them with other versions wouldn’t have even hurt the movie at hand. Whether it’s due to the fact that the actor playing them failed to make them feel special, or because they primarily exist to wander between set-pieces and have better, more interesting characters say things at them, here’s 7 “awesome” movie heroes (in no particular order) who are actually incredibly boring…

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This article was first posted on May 7, 2013