7 Greatest Ever Star Wars References In Pop Culture

May the 4th may be gone for another year, but as far as we are concerned, every day is a…

Darragh O'Connor


Blue Harvest 2

May the 4th may be gone for another year, but as far as we are concerned, every day is a day to celebrate and embrace all things Star Wars, for obvious reasons based on a neat little pun. So, we’re taking the opportunity to take a look back at some of the best examples of Star Wars references in our popular culture. This list could extend for pages, but in the interest of time I have compiled seven of my favourite picks. Some are longer than others, but all will keep you entertained.

I have omitted overly obvious things like the Star Wars-obsessed film Fanboys, Star Wars: Robot Chicken and the Friends episode “The One With the Princess Leia Fantasy”, which confirms Ross’ fantasy of having Rachel dress up as Princess Leia. I also believe that is the only Star Wars reference in Friends…This is a common one, and it also happens in That 70’s Show, but that still leaves enough references that could fill Hoth to wade through.

Though the Saga is based a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away, Star Wars can even be found referenced during tales of our blue British police box travelling hero, The Doctor and as far back as medieval England or the sand of Egypt. You will be shocked how often you find a Star Wars reference somewhere in the modern entertainment zeitgeist. There is so much overlap it really hits home just how much George Lucas’ most famous creation has impacted us.

So, when watching your favourite TV show or movie, keep an eye out: the creators may be hardcore Star Wars nerds, like me, and they may have sneaked in a small, or not so small, reference to the beloved franchise. Let’s get started…



Honourable Mention – Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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Two other time-travelling phonebox-men have earned themselves an honourable mention, after their impromptu fun when travelling to the Middle Ages. What would you do in their situation? That’s right, you would sword fight! And in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, they did the same thing. We are treated to a terrible – but really fun – bit of dueling from our bodacious leads, a la The Empire Strikes Back.

The dialogue is so cringe-worthy but excellent at the same time. You’ll also notice the Star Wars references in the actual music of this scene. Add to this Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter making Yoda and light-saber sound effects and you have an instant classic. A career highlight for both, I am sure.