Movie sidekicks come in all shapes in sizes, though most of them see to have one thing in common: they’re irritating as hell. This usually happens because these tagalong characters are designed to hinder the protagonist at every opportunity so there’s a constantly shifting dynamic at work – sidekicks exists to ruffle the hero’s feathers, and provide us scenes of never-ending bickering, in which nobody wins, and we, the audience, most definitely lose.

As a result of this, sidekicks get a bad wrap, but who’s to say they don’t deserve it? Well, in the cases of the irritating sidekicks I’ve assembled here, me. Don’t worry: I’m not going to take this opportunity to defend Jar Jar Binks – even if the poor guy had somehow taken down the Emperor single-handily in the prequel trilogy, audiences still probably would’ve preferred it if the bumbling Gungan had been crushed by an AT-AT.

Still, there are a number of famous sidekicks renowned for their jarring personalities, ill-judged timing or goofy quips that we might just be overlooking somewhat. Despite their flaws, here’s 7 irritating sidekicks who were actually responsible for saving the day and allowing the hero to get his job done without, you know, dieing and stuff. You may look back on these guys with frowny memories, but give them another chance, won’t you?

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This article was first posted on May 8, 2013