7 Major Problems With Batman Returns

Joel Schumacher didn't bring the camp to Batman - Tim Burton did.

Last week WhatCulture.com presented an article on the ten worst performances in the seven Batman feature films we€™ve been graced with since 1989. The discussions the article led to were pretty interesting, and one of the noticeable things that came up is that people clearly have a soft spot for the second of Tim Burton€™s takes on the Batman Character €“ the 1992 blockbuster Batman Returns. Perhaps it€™s simply a case of the following films being so awful that Returns looks great by comparison, or perhaps it€™s waxing nostalgic for other people. But it is rather strange because quite simply, this movie really isn€™t very good. At all. Some people are quick to argue that critics of the film are too focused on the comic book origins rather than focusing on it as solely a Burton feature. And perhaps that€™s fair, but considering Batman is the titular character and at the time there was over five decades of material to at least get inspired by, it€™s pretty hard not to think about the comics. Regardless of who is directing the film, it is still a Batman movie. If it€™s not meant to be a Batman movie, it shouldn€™t be in the title. But even if you ignore the comics, the film itself is poorly produced, poorly acted, poorly directed, and poorly paced. It is an overstuffed, overlong, boring and confused mess that doesn€™t know where it€™s going or what it€™s doing. Simply put, there are a lot of problems with this movie...

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