7 Major Roles Jennifer Lawrence Wanted (But Didn't Get)

J-Law might be a great actress, but she can't do it all!


Jennifer Lawrence took the world by surprise with her fiery, epic performance in The Hunger Games quartet of films, though she was equally praised for her appearance in 2010’s indie darling Winter’s Bone. Rocketed to superstardom, she could seemingly have any role she desired, and studios were clamoring to have her sign on to their projects, as an endorsement from the young silver screen phenom usually translated to box office success.

While her rabid fanbase may make it seem like she can do no wrong, her time in Tinsel Town has been far from perfect. She's had tons of positive press coverage and has become one of the most recognizable female celebs of the era, but that doesn't mean she can just walk into a production and take whichever role she desires.

Though her status as a pop culture icon should theoretically boost a studio's box office offerings, the self-ordained simple girl from Kentucky has lost out on tons of different roles for a host of differing reasons. They say you can't succeed without first experiencing failure, and J-Law, though she doesn't show it, knows all too well what it's like to wait on a callback that never comes.


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