7 MCU Costumes That Need To Change

Marvel's biggest fashion offenders.

Marvel Studios

Translating often ridiculous and outlandish comic-book costumes to the big screen is no easy task, but overall, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done this quite well, bearing in mind the need to design something that works within a live-action setting.

But nobody's perfect, and Marvel has also managed to produce a number of duds in this department. Several of its costumes have either not done the comics justice, been executed poorly, felt lacking for story reasons, or worse, just look plain bad.

Fortunately, the episodic nature of the MCU gives it the ability to constantly adjust, tweak and improve as it goes along, and the costumes are one area that can quickly and easily change from movie to movie.

So while it's given us some truly great looks, including Cap's Winter Soldier outfit, Thor's badass Ragnarok armour and Iron Man's Mark III suit, the MCU also contains Hawkeye's dreary garb, Diamondback's battle suit, Whiplash's metal braces and Captain America's Avengers outfit.

On the whole, there are definitely some characters whose current costumes just don't feel quite right, but that could always change for the better in future.

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