7 More Actors Who Literally Do The Same Thing In Every Movie

6. Sean Bean Always Dies

Boromir Death The Lord Of The Rings
New Line Cinema

It's almost a cliche now, but Sean Bean really does die a lot in his movies (and his TV show appearances, come to that). If you see him on a cast-list, it's pretty much a good bet that he won't make it to the end credits, as if he's become some sort of walking spoiler.

He's not the most death-prone actor of all time - that honour apparently falls to John Hurt with 43 overall deaths - but Bean is the joint winner of average deaths per film (along with Bela Lugosi, but that he doesn't count as much given that he made so many horrors). And he's still working, so there's still time.

Remarkably, despite how much it happens, Bean's deaths lose nothing for their expectedness, which is perhaps why film-makers keep killing him off. Perhaps it's the memory of how well he does it in the likes of Goldeneye and The Lord Of The Rings that really does it for them...?

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