7 More MCU Deleted Scenes That Should've Stayed In Their Movies

Want to know what Drax's tattoos mean? Well, that scene exists.

Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most efficient franchise machine in Hollywood, with Marvel Studios cranking out two or three gigantic films per year (with additional TV shows soon to come) without any major hitches.

But even with meticulous planning and some of the best minds in the business working on these films, not every movie goes from script to screen without some fat being trimmed along the way.

The MCU contains dozens upon dozens of scenes that were left on the floor of the edit bay, from small jokes that last a few seconds, to important connective tissue that would've benefited the film's story. Cutting footage that the cast and crew worked hard on is always going to be a tough call, and while the filmmakers do make the right decisions most of the time, occasionally, stuff gets removed that would've added a little something extra to the movie it was chopped from.

These movies aren't bad by any means and these deleted scenes wouldn't make or break them, but it does feel like they could've had a place somewhere in the final edit.


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