7 Movies That Secretly Give Away The Plot At The Very Start

7. The Second Bar Crawl Is Identical To The First - The World’s End

World's End Pints
Universal Studios

Edgar Wright just loves his frenetically-delivered foreshadowing, doesn't he? Following on from Ed's plan for tomorrow in Shaun and the obscene amount of clues to the identity of Sandford's serial killer in Hot Fuzz's unbelievably tight script (two examples so well covered they don't need to feature on the list proper), the closing of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy dishes up his biggest slice of plot revealing yet, one that anyone familiar with Wright's work could easily have picked up on on first viewing.

The film opens with a bar crawl the film's characters attempt in their youth, but it's doing far more than just injecting some nostalgia to later events. Aside from providing a bunch of shots that are used to contrast the older gang against their younger selves, the actual beats of this teenage bar crawl are the same as the reluctant middle-aged one that drives the plot, only with more blue-blooded aliens along the way; O-Man is the first to leave feeling "ill", Peter is left behind after they visit the park and, crucially, Gary never gets his final pint in the eponymous pub.

Add to that the fact that each of the pub's names each nicely allude to the sci-fi events that take place within them, and it's a wonder Wright has any time to work jokes into his movies alongside being oh-so smart.


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