7 Reasons Men Need To Relax About The New Ghostbusters Movie

You know you don't have to watch it, right?

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Ever since it was announced that the new team would be made up of four women, there has been a huge amount of anger regarding the new Ghostbusters movie.

Now, it is quite clear that the majority of anger over the movie comes from a thinly-veiled form of sexism, manifested amongst angry men who inexplicably feel threatened any time women does anything other than sit in silence. 

However, there are many others that will claim (rather unconvincingly) that they are not upset by the casting of women, and that they just think remaking the film is a bad idea. These souls appeal to a more esoteric form of reasoning, claiming that this version will forever taint their association with an iconic property they grew up with. While these claims are at least a little more imaginative than the ones steeped in explicit misogyny, they’re still bunk.

If you find yourself genuinely angered by the production of this film, please don’t be. There are so many more issues deserving of your rage than the new Ghostbusters movie. And there are so many reasons that your fears are unfounded, unnecessary, and kind of embarrassing. Here we list just a few reasons why you don’t need to be angry, and why your arguments are basically pointless.

Enjoy life. Don’t wake up and get angry over a movie. Just relax. It's a beautiful world out there.

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