7 Reasons Why Bane Wasn't All That Bad

2. He Helped Talia Escape the Pit

While I will accept arguments about the other six points, this is the single, solitary option that indisputably proves Bane's good nature, even if he ultimately became misguided. After all the smoke is cleared and it's revealed to us that, in fact, it was not Bane who climbed out of the pit, but Talia, we see that Bane, also trapped in the pit with her many years previous, defended her as she fled, taking a severe beating that essentially defined his mask-clad existence thereafter. To prevent the beating and potential rape of a young innocent, Bane takes it on the chin, mouthing "goodbye" to Talia as she proceeds to make the jump and flee for her life. Furthermore, though Talia gets her father Ra's to send the League of Shadows down the pit to rescue everyone, Ra's ends up rejecting Bane because his destroyed countenance reminds him too much of his dead wife. Again, Bane is out on his own - even if he did reconvene with Talia later - and so, it's unsurprising that he was led down the wrong path; his kindness was his own worst enemy. It is in this sense that Bane's character arc is the most tragic.

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