7 Reasons Why The Man Of Steel Trailer Is Actually Better Than The Movie

Man_of_Steel_38071 Over the course of the last week, I've slowly been digesting the disappointment that was Man of Steel and have been trying to come to terms with what, precisely, irked me about it so much. Though the movie certainly has its fans, the general population seem to have reacted poorly. Generally speaking, I'm not a big Superman fan, so I wasn't coming at the movie with too many preconceived notions: I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't even seen the Richard Donner original, which I hope better helps me to appear unbiased in my criticisms of Zack Snyder's latest venture. Given the fact that I'm not a strict Superman fan, though, I was confused as to why I felt so disappointed in the movie leaving the theatre last Friday: so much so, actually, that I've felt myself continually coming back to it in my mind ever since. Even dissecting it from a screenwriting point of view didn't really help me to alleviate my frustrations. And then it hit me: the trailer. That first full trailer - the one that worked everyone up into a frenzy when it appeared online one day - was so good, that it was shocking as to how much the finished product paled in comparison. That was when I realised that, having watched it back a whole bunch of times, the trailer for Man of Steel is far superior to the actual movie in a rather shocking amount of ways. In fact, it's a better slice of entertainment entirely - and a bizarrely more satisfying one to sit through. Forget all those default notions as to why you can't compare a trailer and a movie, and here's 7 reasons why the former trumps the latter (and before you murder me Man of Steel fans, just remember that this is just a bit of fun. Very serious, accurate fun)...
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