7 Reasons The Wolf Of Wall Street Makes Us Bow Down To Scorsese

A thunderous reminder that we should be privileged to live in a world where Scorsese is still making films.

During one of his numerous asides, greedy and slimy stockbroker Jordan Belfort begins breaking down the legalities and finer details of just how his firm makes boatloads of green off of his clients. He then cuts himself off mid-way, breaking the fourth wall entirely by bluntly stating the audience probably has no idea what the hell he€™s rambling on about and that all they need to know is that this economic stranglehold wasn€™t legal. That quick little message summarizes everything about Martin Scorsese€™s latest take on crime and corruption; The Wolf of Wall Street. It isn€™t concerned with nitty gritty details and longwinded financial jargon, just the lewd, crude, and lifestyle of debauchery Jordan and company indulged in. From the very beginning, it€™s clear that this film isn€™t going to tiptoe around anything that can be perceived as offensive. Instead Scorsese fires for an unrelenting display of sex, drugs, and greed symbolizing the American dream cranked up to 20. If this nonstop barrage of taboo subject material is necessary to accurately transcribe Jordan€™s memoirs then so be it -regardless of who the film offends-because the end result is an absolute masterpiece. The Wolf Of Wall Street will undoubtedly go on to receive numerous prestigious accolades, but ultimately it€™s a thunderous reminder that Scorsese is a living legend in the art of movie making. Click Next to Begin!

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