7 Recent Movies With Gaping Plotholes You Never Noticed

Suspension of disbelief is on its last legs.


Plotholes have been around since the dawn of cinema, the logic gaps that make suspension of disbelief difficult and give opinionated fans ammo to fire at Hollywood.

Since there are countless films out there, it's inevitable that some will be marred by continuity gaffes, timeline confusion and other stuff that makes no sense, but the number of guilty parties is higher than you might think.

Often these blunders are minor and slip under the radar, though at other times, they're glaring and have the potential to throw a spanner in the story's works.

Most movie fans would like to believe this is a problem of the past. Wouldn't it be great if lessons were learned, standards were raised and filmmakers and screenwriters finally cracked the formula for error-free storytelling?

Sadly, none of these things appear to be happening as plotholes are just as prevalent today as they were during Hollywood's formative years, and it isn't just amateurish B-movie directors who are guilty of serving them up.

Some of the biggest blockbuster of the last two years have more holes in them than The Godfather's Sonny Corleone post-assassination.


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