7 Things The Matrix Shamelessly Ripped Off

7. The Invisibles (Comic Book)

Grant Morrison€™s cult comic series The Invisibles is about a group of freedom fighters who try to take on an establishment hell bent on keeping secret the fact that the reality we all live in is an illusion, and that the real world that they keep hidden from humankind is infested by insect-like demons. The story€™s messiah is Dane McGowan, a rebellious teenager from Liverpool, England. When he is first discovered by The Invisibles, Dane wants nothing to do with their fight against the oppressive Outer Church, though, much like Neo, when they eventually talk him round they discover that he is insanely powerful and might just be the key to overthrowing their enemy. The head of The Invisibles is a bald headed bad ass who wears a pair of circular rimmed sunglasses (sound familiar yet?) and at one point he is even captured and tortured by a member of the Outer Church who has taken the form of (you guessed it) a government agent. The blatant similarities between the Wachowski€™s film and Morrison€™s story continue throughout, and the latter has openly admitted that The Matrix was lifted straight from the pages of his comic. Whilst also stating that he likes The Matrix, Morrison€™s response to the sequels was that €œthey should have kept on stealing from me.€ Morrison himself knows a thing or two about writing a story he first heard somewhere else, however €“ he has admitted that the story of the Matrix was first told to me him a group of aliens when he was abducted during a trip to Kathmandu.

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