The opening credits sequence is a staple of the movie making process, that sequence that tells the audience what they are about to see, who it was made by and the chance to set the mood for the journey that the audience is about to take. Despite its importance it can often be the case that the credits are a complete non-event, passing by as if they were a needless obligation that was only there to inform the audience that the film has begun.

However, when the effort is put in the credits can be as memorable as the film itself and in some cases can genuinely be the best part of the entire film, though that’s probably more of an indication of how bad the film is rather than the quality of the credits themselves. For the sequence to work, all the elements need to come together, the art design, what we are seeing and of course the music. If one thing seems out of place then the credits can become a jarring experience, those few boring minutes that you have to sit through before you can see the actual movie.

The best of them are pioneering; they stand out from the pack and re-define what a credit sequence should be, they draw the audience in and immerse us into the world that the filmmaker has created. In recent years there has been a shift in cinema that has seen many films dropping the opening sequence- choosing instead to jump straight into the story- the rights and wrongs of this choice can and probably will be argued for years to come, but what can never be argued is when done right a credit sequence is a riveting journey all on its own.

So let’s have a look at seven unbelievably awesome opening credits.

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This article was first posted on June 9, 2013