It’s no secret that the 2000′s has seen a resurgance in superhero films. Not just in terms of quality, but also in sheer amount of films produced. Some would say that it’s almost to the point where the market is over-saturated with superhero films, and that it’s a cinematic bubble that’s on its way to bursting. 

Either way, since the release of Batman in 1989, Hollywood has seen superhero films as a hot commodity, and has been trying to repeat Batman’s monster success ever since. X-Men in 2000 finally made that happen, but the 90′s had its fair share of attempts. Some of them good, some not so good, some friggin’ ridiculous (you know which one I’m specifically referring to there, and if not, your hint is “Freeze in hell, Batman!”)

This list will celebrate those superhero films that weren’t successful, but I think deserve a second look. Some of you may be surprised by the choices on this list, as a few of them are notorious for lacking in quality. But, in a world that’s getting increasingly more cynical, I feel the need to appreciate things for what they are.

Also, the films are in no particular rank, so placement on the list isn’t important. So let’s get to it…


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This article was first posted on July 19, 2013