7 Ways Venom Could Join The MCU

6. J. Jonah Jameson Mourns The Death Of His Son

JB Smoove Spider Man

Although everyone's favourite cantankerous old newspaper editor is yet to make his debut in the MCU, Venom does include a reference to him, by actually borrowing from the nineties Spider-Man cartoon.

J. Jonah Jameson Jr's son, John Jameson, has commonly been depicted as an astronaut before, but it was only in that cartoon where he unwittingly brought the symbiotes to Earth. Venom tells a version of this story in its opening, and while Jameson only shows up on screen once - dead, for that matter - it provides Marvel with the perfect jumping point in which to bridge these two universes together.

We don't yet know if JB Smoove is playing JJ in Far From Home, but if he does, it would be a clever move for the film to reference Jameson's crash landing. That way, they don't even have to focus on Venom himself - all they would be doing is providing a nice little reference for Spidey fans to chow down on.

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