8 'Next Big Thing' Movie Directors Who Didn't Live Up To The Hype

They promised so much and delivered so little.

District 9
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One of the most exciting aspects of the film industry is that it can make stars out of anyone pretty much overnight. In the past year alone audiences have been treated to a bevy of directors who've shot to superstardom - with the likes of Jordan Peele and Ryan Coogler heralded as the "next big thing" - with all eyes being on their next projects.

However, for as quickly as the film industry can launch individuals to Hollywood heights, it can just as quickly send them right back to square one. Countless times over the years we've seen filmmakers being lauded as being the next Hitchcock, the next Kubrick or the next Godard, only for them to never live up to that potential.

Whether it's because audiences and critics expected too much from them after they enjoyed a bit of a hot streak or whether the directors did only create a smash hit by pure luck, it's resulted in plenty of careers that started in a blaze of glory, only to peter out following one disappointment after another.


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