8 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In James Bond Films

After 53 years of 007's cinematic adventures, do you remember these people being a part of them?


For over 50 years, the cinematic adventures of James Bond have continued to entertain audiences the world over. The series has survived a number of actor changes and a handful of weak entries to always find its way back on top, with the wild success of the most recent film - 2012's Skyfall - having proved yet again that 007 won't be leaving the big screen anytime soon.

Throughout its historic run, the series has frequently featured appearances by celebrities big and small. In some cases, this has meant cameos from people like Madonna in 2002's Die Another Day, or Wayne Newton in 1989's License to Kill. In others, those who have served behind the scenes of the franchise for years have popped up on screen, like series writer/producer Michael G. Wilson or the late composer John Barry.

However, amidst all the cameos, the series has also served as a launching pad for a number of famous actors early in their careers. As such, and with over half a century of film history under the series' belt, let's take a look back in advance of the upcoming new entry, Spectre, to find 8 people whose cameos or early roles in the series you've likely forgotten about...


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