8 Actresses You Didn't Realise Totally Faked Famous Nude Scenes

That's right: you wasted your money on pure, unadulterated fakery.

There's no denying the fact that nudity is a force of good when it comes to the movies, because what's more worthwhile than paying $10 to see your favourite, super hot celebrities taking their clothes off? A good story, you say? Character arcs? A well-written script? Pah. Whilst those things are also great (in small doses), they pretty much bow in comparison to the sight of an actress stripping down and exposing herself for your outright pleasure. I mean, when we mention Monster's Ball, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Don't pretend it ain't the sex scene. We jest, of course... or maybe, no, we don't. The problem is that whilst we'd all love to say that we don't like a bit of nudity in the movies for the sake of, well... integrity... the fact is that most of us love it - especially when we happen to catch a glimpse of a familiar actress in nothing but her birthday suit. And when you hand over your $10 and you're treated to a shot of an actress in the buff, it's only natural to presume that said actress really did get naked. That's her right up there on the screen, isn't it? Baring all for the sake of art and, uh... lots and lots of money, probably. But that isn't always the case. In fact, so many of those times you thought you were looking at a famous actress naked might actually not have been as authentic as you first presumed. That can't be right, though, surely? What would be the point of an actress pretending to go nude if it still looked like they did anyway? There are a number of reasons, the most popular of which include their feeling uncomfortable, inadequate, or because... well, there were hotter bodies on offer. Join us, then, as we take a look back at 8 scenes from the realms of film and TV where certain actresses you thought were getting naked - just for you - actually did no such thing in real life...

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