8 Animated Disney Films That Really Shouldn't Be Called Classics

Can you really call all the Disney back-catalogue classics? We'd argue not.

Ignoring those produced by other animation houses, Walt Disney Pictures have made 53 animated features. Or, as the company likes to phrase it, they've produced 53 animated 'classics'. Now Disney, even for you that's a little egotistical. In the early 40's, Disney was the Pixar of its day, casually churning out hit after hit that could conceivably be called classics; Bambi, Dumbo, Fantasia among others. But there's been seventy years of development with incredibly mixed results. From short compendiums to The Black Cauldron, Disney have been as well defined by their misses as their hits. So this classic labelling exists for one of two reasons; either the execs have incredibly selective memories or they're using gross exaggeration to ensure their reputation never takes the same knock in did in the mid-eighties. If it's the latter (and of course, we know it is), then it's been a major success. Fans will cherish the Disney Animation name, willing to pay the inflated DVD prices to own the films which are only available during limited release windows. But in all the hoo-ha some less than deserving films have become accepted by the public as real classics, be it through the companies reinforcement of quality or fondly remembered childhood viewings. Few of these films are godawful, but as we'll see with the eight on this list, they clearly don't deserve such lofty titles.

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