8 Arrogant Movie Stars With Disgracefully Large Egos

5. Will Smith Thinks He€™s The Biggest Movie Star In The World

Smith The continued presence of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air on TV and popular culture may mean it€™s still acceptable to sing the theme tune, but it€™s wreaked havoc with Will Smith€™s ego. Still riding the wave of popularity he had in the nineties, Smith is just about reaching the point where quality control may be in order; that run in with Shyamalan earlier this year has really hurt his street cred. Not that the man would show any trace of that. Smith still works under the misled belief he is the biggest movie star in the world. Now yes, Independence Day is still very popular and people fondly remember the first Men In Black, but would their success fifteen years ago lead to you concluding he€™s still a big deal now? Check out how he described the difficulty of growing up for his son Jaden:
"Your father€™s the biggest movie star in the world, you€™re € in this extreme shadow."
I've used that quote before, but it€™s so horribly misguided thought it can€™t be contained in one article. I understand that there€™s pressure on Jaden, but a lot of that comes from his Dad forcing him very hard into show business, rather than genuine press craving. Despite always being liked by those who grew up in the nineties, Smith has a complacency clearly shown with his sporadic filmography. If he wants to stick around as more than Jaden€™s manager he needs to start accepting he€™s not all that.

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