8 Awesome Disney Fan Theories You Won't Believe

1. The Disney Universe Theory

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We've all heard about The Pixar Universe Theory, a massive all encompassing narrative that links together all of Pixar's movies in a story essentially about a little girl looking for her friend. Well here's another, equally bonkers one linking a whopping thirty Disney movies that'll make you say "cool" before questioning who has the time to come up with all this.

It requires a few leaps of fancy, but by taking every little easter egg as a Marvel-esque clue to a larger universe this theory crafts a very meta plot. Starting with The Lion King and running through some of the animation houses's biggest movies, the general gist (it's too expansive to summarise here - here's a link to the full theory) is that the entire Disney canon isn't just representations of various fairy tales; it's an experiment trying to understand them. The whole universe is a big algorithm (hence the recurring elements) ran by aliens attempting to study human nature in some form. Magic is a breaking of some of the written laws, while plot conveniences are really interventions by a greater power.

Sadly it doesn't get any more explained that that, although at the very least it does do a great job of justifying some of the more ridiculous easter eggs; Bambi's Mum and Pumbaa appear in so many movies in different time periods because they're actually aliens like Stitch.

OK, so it's utter hokum. But what brilliant hokum!

Which other Disney movie theories are there out there? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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