8 Box Office Implications From June 2016 Films

The summer's hotting up at the box office...

Universal Pictures

Whatever the weather currently looks like wherever you are, the calendar will tell you we’re now officially in the summer months. But when it comes to Hollywood and the box office, the summer starts in May – at the latest.

Ever since Jaws and Star Wars broke records in the late-seventies, May through August has been the period that’s seen more tentpole movie behemoths come out of the gates than at any other time of the year. And even though the likes of Avatar, Deadpool, and The Hunger Games films in recent years have proven definitively that a hit can be a smash regardless of release date, the summer months remain precious, prime real estate for all the major studios.

Those who would decry the movie business these days and its obsession with superheroes, sequels, adaptations, and sequels to reboots of adaptations featuring superheroes ought to take note of the word ‘business’. The bottom line will always be the bottom line.

But while a few familiar franchises saw new instalments make a big noise in May, a couple of would-be big hitters arrived with a whimper. And there’s plenty of June releases that could go either way, so join us for a comprehensive look at the ongoing box office battle and the wider implications for the studios concerned.


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