8 Classic Movies That Introduced Me To 8 Classic Bands

There are 3 things that I love in life (apart from my cat). Movies, music and wrestling. But as a…

Brad Lee



There are 3 things that I love in life (apart from my cat). Movies, music and wrestling. But as a child who grew up in my parents pub in the “outback” of Australia, we weren’t too lucky to get up-to-the-minute information like the internet-obsessed minded generation of today. Hell, we would be lucky if we ever receive anything that wasn’t already 6 months passed its used by date everywhere else in the world. But as luck would have it, I grew up in the 80’s (the greatest decade ever) and with the emergence of the beloved VCR (video cassette recorders for those not in the know), the parents of us kids stuck out in the middle of nowhere found something that would keep us out of the dangers that were associated with living in such a hostile environment.

And with the advent of MTV, when its sole purpose was to provide music to the masses and not reality-driven soap operas,  I found myself a nice little avenue to expand my knowledge. Movie marketing quickly jumped on the MTV bandwagon, producing films with added MTV-inspired gimmicks like famous bands providing key song tracks to use for marketing of a film, even sometimes writing entire albums that are solely for release alongside a potential blockbuster (one of AC/DC’s biggest albums was actually a soundtrack to a Stephen King movie). And it was through this medium that I discovered some of the all time classic bands that not only inspired my own musical direction, tastes and career but I still listen to on a daily basis. So this is 8 films that although sometimes not always successful at the box office, did manage to help introduce new and many already established bands not only to the new musically minded MTV generation, but also solidifying their statuses as true rock gods, and in some cases, rejuvenated the careers of the musicians involved.

(Side Note: musicals, mockumenteries, biopics and semi biographical films don’t count and I only count the bands that I personally still listen to on a regular basis).