8 Crazy Pixar Fan Theories

8. Andy's Mother Is Emily


Think about Jessie's story in Toy Story 2, or even just listen to Jessie's song from the film, and you'll soon find yourself struggling to hold it together. Just like Woody and the gang have Andy, she too had a beloved owner, Emily. They were the best of friends, but was soon forgotten under her growing child's bed before eventually finding herself in a donation bin. I know, I'm sorry for bringing it up.

While she got a happy ending by becoming one of Andy's toys, could there also have been an unknown reunion of sorts as well? The theory goes that Andy's mother is actually Emily, Jessie's original owner.

This largely stems from the hat we often see Andy wearing, which just so happens to look like a worn version of Emily's, and is closer in design to Jessie's than Woody's. You can assume from when the toy was made, and the decor in Jessie's flashback montage, that she was with Emily around the '50s-'60s, and with Toy Story being in the '90s it would make Andy's mother the right age to have a son, one who has inherited her old cowgirl hat. Jessie did finally get her owner back, she just didn't know it. 


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