8 Directors Who Should Make Ghostbusters 3

8. Sam Raimi

Raimi's a no-brainer, really: he's been making horror movies more or less since the first Ghostbusters was released, usually with a supernatural bent (demonic possession in the Evil Dead movies, a gypsy curse in Drag Me To Hell), and his physical comedy chops are second to none; just ask Bruce Campbell. He's worked with actors of varying ages and abilities, from relative newcomers (Campbell, Alison Lohman) to older, more experienced actors (Willem Dafoe, Liam Neeson, Gene Hackman), so he'd sure be able to navigate the tricky waters of directing veteran performers like Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd while guiding the inevitably younger, more attractive leads that would be brought in to spice things up. The former cult director's also had his fair share of blockbuster movies recently, too, from his generally well-received and fun Spider-Man trilogy to franchise fantasy in his prequel Oz The Great And Powerful. In the case of Spider-Man, Raimi's already made three effects-heavy movies with a ton of comedy (though not always intentional) in New York City, so it's not a huge leap to imagine him making another. And just imagine what else he'd bring to a Ghostbusters movie: genuinely terrifying ghosts effects, dizzying camera movements and more than likely the opportunity to put Murray and Aykroyd through hell. Just think of the slime...

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