8 Famous Movie Directors With Trademarks You Probably Never Noticed

00125 Admit it: for those of us who secretly harbour the desire to become big shot movie directors, we fantasise on a daily basis as to what our own personal trademarks might be. What would people say about our movies when they sat down to study them? "Man, this guy really, really favours the upside-down canon shot. It's in all of his movies." There's no such thing as the upside-side canon shot, of course, because I'm still working out some of the kinks, but you get my drift: movie directors are defined by their trademarks... some big, some small, some... really weird. So whereas some directors have just one notable trademark, others - like Quentin Tarantino - have dozens. You know his movies for their long takes, non-linear narratives and - uh-huh - all those close-ups shots of feet, 'cause the man loves feet, okay? But what about the more subtle trademarks running through the filmographies of famous movie directors? Trademarks that aren't quite so easy to spot, or in some cases, trademarks that directors themselves might not even be fully aware of, but have subconsciously included time after time, in movie after movie. Here are 8 of that variety - director trademarks that aren't quite so obvious, some of which you may have missed as you've gone about viewing their movies.
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