8 Famous Movie Directors With Trademarks You Probably Never Noticed

6. Richard Donner Prefers His Women To Fall From A Height

Lethal Weapon1As Seen In... The Omen, Superman, Lethal Weapon, Ladyhawke Each to their own, I guess: director Richard Donner's fetish is a different kettle of fish entirely, in the sense that he seems to throughly enjoy filming sequences where his females characters fall from a height (often to their deaths), as witnessed in a whole bunch of his movies. Whether or not Donner realises that he's made a lot of movies where woman are falling to their doom, I'm not sure, but it's certainly something he might want to bring up with his therapist. So which poor lasses met their end hitting the pavement at an unfortunate speed? Think back to The Omen for one of your earlier Donner-related fall deaths, where demon child Damien Thorn's mother is dispatched when she's thrown out of a window. Lethal Weapon actually opens with an entire scene built around a woman falling to her death - prostitute Amanda Hunsacker, in this case. Fortunately, in Superman, Margot Kidder - as Lois Lane - gets saved by Clark Kent!
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