8 Famous Movie Endings People Always Get Totally Wrong

8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Dark Knight Rises Batman
Warner Bros.

The Ending... After League of Shadows members Bane and Talia al Ghul are defeated, there's still one huge problem facing Bruce Wayne and friends: a huge bomb, which is about to go off and blow Gotham City to smithereens.

Acting selflessly as always, Batman attaches the bomb to the bottom of his flying bat-shaped aircraft and flies it out towards the bay, where it proceeds to explode. The day is saved, but Bruce Wayne goes missing and is presumed dead from the blast.

Later, whilst visiting Florence, Alfred (Bruce's butler/best friend/advice dispenser spots Bruce sitting with his new squeeze, Selina Kyle, at a cafe. The two exchange knowing glances.

What Everybody Thinks... "It was all a dream... or, like, in Alfred's head or something - he's old. Bruce Wayne is dead."

Happy ending

But Wait... Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence packed into the final moments of The Dark Knight Rises, approximately half of the fans of this movie still like to insist that Bruce Wayne was killed whilst moving the bomb. While this is a nice theory to bounce around at children's parties, one simple fact remains: the build-up to the movie's ending is comprised of several moments which are purposely shoved at your face to let you know that Bruce Wayne survived.

Remember the Batwing autopilot thing that Lucius finds out about? The one Bruce fixed without him knowing? Why would that even need mentioning if Bruce was supposed to be dead?

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Despite that very notable point, though, Alfred couldn't have dreamt up Selina Kyle, could he? He didn't even know the two were, like, dating. Nobody did. And why would Alfred, of all characters, be suddenly treated to his own dream sequence?


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