Nobody appreciates the magic of movies like children. To young and impressionable minds, what they see on screen means so much more than it does for us jaded adults, who have seen to much and done too much to let anything truly thrill us any more. And honestly, that’s fantastic. It’s great that children love films, and long may they continue to discover films that thrill them.

Yet occasionally, they may stumble across movies that will knock them through a loop, and make no mistake, they come in all sorts of guises. They might be watching a film they knew was safe, only to find something disturbing, or they might be watching something which shows them much too much, much too young. Either way, these films leave an irreparable scar on a kid’s childhood, and after they get up from the screen and walk away, they’re never quite the same again.

So without further ado, here is a list of films that act like kryptonite to childhoods. Be aware, there may be mild spoilers ahead.


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This article was first posted on June 29, 2013