8 "Great" Movies You Actually Only Remember For The Plot Twist

1. Buried (2010)


What People Remember About The Film: "He gets buried with a phone and a snake, and then at the end - just when you think Ryan Reynolds has been saved and it's gonna be fine - they dig up the wrong guy. Proper depressing, this one."

Of all the movies featured on this list, perhaps, Buried makes the most sense: it's incredibly difficult to recall what happens in any detail in a movie that is set in such a small location with such limited perspective. Ryan Reynolds' Middle East-based truck driver is confined to a coffin for the sum of the film, after all; he doesn't move.

In essence, then, trying to remember what happens in Buried means you have to recall the conversations that take place over the cell phone - which is very unlikely. As such, it's really, really easy to forget what actually occurs across the span of this film, aside from "guy gets stuck in coffin" and "guy doesn't get out of said coffin."

You remember the ending with a horrific vividness, of course, because it's plainly disturbing. Just when we think Paul Conroy is about to be rescued, the film hits us with a nasty plot twist. To quote Sallah from Raiders of the Lost Ark: "They're digging in the wrong place." The film ends on the bum note of guaranteed death.

What literally happens for the other 90 minutes of this supposedly great film, though? It almost certainly escapes one's memory.

What other films that over-relied on their twists belong on this list? Share your picks below in the comments thread.

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