8 Horror Movie Remakes That Are Better Than The Originals

8. Funny Games (2007)

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It would almost be embarrassing if 2007's Funny Games wasn't better than the 1997 film of the same name.

Why? Well... they're directed by the same person.

While making the original, director Michael Haneke was forced to set the film in Austria, despite wanting to make a film set in the United States. The final product, while engaging, didn't make much of a splash due to the fact that it featured unknown actors and all the dialogue was in German.

So, a decade later, Haneke revisited his piece and was able to refine it, in large part due to the addition of superior actors - Tim Roth and Naomi Watts, a family forced to play a sadistic game - that were able to deliver better, more convincing performances.

Funny Games is disturbing, deliberately provocative and fully conscious of the audience's expectations. Just when it seems like things are looking up for the protagonists, Haneke pulls the rug from beneath their feet, and ours (keep an eye on that TV remote).

The villains speak in a sarcastic, self-aware manner - like they know they're in a movie - almost questioning why you'd want to watch innocent people be tortured for 90 minutes. It's deliciously thought-provoking, in a Cabin In The Woods sort-of way.

And, because most of this subtext is conveyed through the dialogue, and the inflection of the words, Funny Games just doesn't have the same impact when delivered in German. The remake is more professionally made, easier to understand, and boasts stronger performances, so clearly comes out on top.

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