8 Horror Movies That Happened In Real Life

Art imitates life, life imitates art, and dangerous weirdos imitate horror films.

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Movies can truly be inspirational pieces of art. From finding the best in everyone in Forrest Gump, being appreciative of what you've got in It's A Wonderful Life, to calculating your most intricate murderous machinations in Saw, film really is influential in bringing out all those feelings you take for granted that get buried in everyday life. Or at least, bringing out all those feelings you really should KEEP buried. Who wants to see the good in humanity after all, right?

In all seriousness, horror films have a special layer of fear when it comes to predicting audience reactions. Rather than simply enjoy a nice afternoon of fake blood and rubber guts, there are people out there that take the latest Scream instalment like a motivational fridge magnet and apply it to their actual lives, donning the Ghostface mask and wreaking havoc on communities in a way that should only be reserved for the fakery of film.

Real life is often far scarier than movies - whether its unhinged viewers inspired by grisly film details or crimes so terrifying they warranted their own adaptation - as these eight cases soon prove.... just don't get any ideas.

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