8 Miscast Video Game Movie Roles That Ruined Great Characters

1. Bob Hoskins & John Leguizamo - Mario & Luigi

Mario And Luigi Bob Hoskins John Leguizamo

Described by Bob 'Mario' Hoskins himself as "the worst thing [he's] ever done" and "a f*cking nightmare", if you want to know why Nintendo never made any more movies, it's because the one time they allowed another company to take the reigns we got 1993's Super Mario Bros.

A gigantic steaming pile in every possible way, this almost Blade Runner-looking 'serious' take on the Mario canon had the iconic pair showcase nothing but similar-coloured overalls when it came to authenticity. At least... until they swapped clothes for a sizeable portion of the runtime.

Outside of that it was "Noo Yoark" accents all round, Goombas that were tiny-headed thugs and a version of Bowser that better resembled one of those large-toothed rubber finger puppets you'd give a small child.

Super Mario Bros. is a abject disaster - it's a fun one... kinda - but it's also responsible for singlehandedly destroying Nintendo's faith in American cinema.

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