8 Mistakes That Will Ruin Upcoming Movies

Suicide Squad 2 is making the same mistake all over again...


Whether it's acting, directing, visual effects or sound mixing, there's a lot that can go wrong during the moviemaking process.

Though projects of all sizes are planned for months in advance and there are thousands of different people contributing towards the final product, it's impossible to tell if everything's going to work in tandem until it all comes together on the screen. Nobody sets out to make a bad movie, but sometimes, an unforeseen detail or script-level problem can derail the entire thing.

And while some movies can rise above their flaws and be great in spite of them, often, it can take just one mistake to kill a film's momentum, giving it a problem that proves impossible to recover from.

There are several upcoming movies that - at face value - might fall victim to this particular issue, from franchises that are repeating the mistakes of their predecessors, lazy stories that seem quite uninspired, and odd character additions that don't seem to mesh well with what the movie is trying to do.

There's still plenty to look forward to with these eight films, but there's also one big reason to be worried.


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