8 Movies That Don't Deserve The Hate

Total Recall Remake

I am a movie buff. In fact I may even be a movie psychotic. For some of those movie buffs claim to have seen a certain film 10 or 20 times before they come to their own conclusions. I myself, have seen certain movies at the BAREST MINIMUM, a hundred times. Now some might look at that and go "My God that is pathetic." And to an extent I could probably agree with you. But my circumstances throughout life from an abused childhood to a half crippled adult with mental issues have not only left me with a lot of time to kill, but I have literally used movies as an escape from whatever drudgery or psychological trauma I may have been experiencing at the time.

Coupled with growing up in the geographical isolation that is the Australian outback and right there is how you can end up watching the same film 100 times or more. Hell, back in the day we only got a certain number of vhs or beta tapes we could see at any given time thanks to the isolation of where we lived, so we made the most of it and made sure to memorise every single line so whatever impact it had could never be forgotten. With this knowledge of the fine art that is filmmaking I believe I have some idea of what makes a good movie.

Although according to the masses I may be wrong. Because a lot of the movies I not only enjoy but still watch on a regular basis seem to all have incurred the wrath of both critic and fan alike. Some of these are a downright mystery to me because I find a lot of them movies "classic" in every sense of the word. Whereas the general consensus with everyone else is "worst movie ever." So with that in mind I present to you a list of films that I either love as a personal favourite or can simply enjoy them for what they are without the need to tear it apart and dissect it, piece by piece.

Maybe we can ascertain with this article whether I am indeed as crazy as some people might like to believe, or that I'm just a sane person in an insane world, filled with insecure people whom cannot grasp the concept of entertainment without the need to criticize, nitpick or to use it as a platform for jumping on the hate bandwagon like they have some desperate need for attention. Which I know for a FACT that some of you out there do. And before you spew your hate filled rhetoric at me and why I know nothing about anything, let me just ask you to not only open your mind to new possibilities, but compare them with REAL AND ACTUAL BAD FILMS, such as any recent "Adam Sandler" abomination, Michael Bay's disastrous childhood dream destroying adaptation of the "Transformers", "Jaws: The Revenge", "Howard the Duck," Tommy Wiseau's "The Room," "Glitter," "Gigli," or any Friedberg/Seltzer nightmare.

Honorable Mention: X-Men Origins: Wolverine/The Last Stand

Although these movies fit perfectly in what I plan to discuss as I enjoy both of them quite a lot, I have already explained my position on these two films in a previous article that you can read here.

Highlander 2, The Quickening (2004 Special Edition)

Doesn't make the list simply because the theatrical version was yes, pretty bad (Aliens?), but that's what happens when execs take over the filmmaking process. When Russell Mulcahy secured the rights and released his own "special edition", not only did it become a completely different film but it was rather enjoyable as well. I think if this version was released back in the day people would've reacted quite differently.

(Side note: Although again I will try to focus on films I have yet to mention in previous articles, there is one example I have to re-iterate my feelings for)


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