8 Movies That Stupidly Scrapped Perfect Endings

The finales we deserve left on the cutting room floor.

Scott Pilgrim Ramona Hammer
Universal Pictures

Making a film doesn't always go as planned. Crafting the perfect narrative is tricky business, and works more like building a jigsaw than writing something like a novel, since the moving parts are often jammed together in whatever way works to get to the finished product. Even if you've got all the corner pieces organised into a lovely framework, the middle is definitely still a mess of shaved down chunks that get squashed in to get the whole experience over with. No-one likes doing jigsaws. This is always the only outcome.

And as with movies too, various parts of the process are regularly cut down or switched out to make something vaguely coherent at the end. All too often, the beautiful finished picture we could have ended up with is a mish-mashed tangle of ideas, inputs, and studio influence, meaning some of the best parts are the ones left behind. This is bad enough, but when it comes to endings, some of the worst offenders are the alternate takes left on the cutting room floor.

The finales that would have made their movies aren't always the ones we get, but that doesn't mean we can't pick up the forgotten parts and wistfully see what could have been...


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