8 Movies Too Upsetting To Watch Twice


Movies can be a magical art form. They can transport you to far off worlds and let you witness fantastic stories of whimsy, romance, and wonder. Some make you laugh. Some make you cry. Some make you ponder weighty philosophical questions. Some just let you have a good time watching things blow up.

And some make you want to take a shower and never watch another movie ever again.

There are lots of films that are incredible achievements in filmmaking, but are so viscerally upsetting that you hesitate to ever watch them again. It could be that the film depressed you and ruined the rest of your day. Or maybe it just aggravated you because the characters within were so unreasonable. Or perhaps what you saw was just so shocking that you wish you never saw it in the first place.

Either way, some movies are just too difficult to watch a second time. You may tell your friends they have to watch a movie, and if they ask you to watch it with them you cower away and so no thanks. Let them suffer on their own. You've already paid your dues.

These are some great movies that we are glad to have seen once, and only once. Maybe after some years have passed we will watch them again, but as for now, let's just leave them alone.

Many of these entries will be spoiler heavy, so don't read them if you haven't seen the film yet.


Nick DeNitto developed a passion for film in high school and has been writing about it ever since. Aside from WhatCulture, he writes for StageBuddy.com and FestivalOfFilms.com/blog. He is affiliated with the National Board of Review.