8 Really Stupid Plans Comic Book Movie Villains Tried

This bunch definitely forgot their Weetabix in the morning.

Warner Bros.

All movies count on you to suspend your disbelief to truly engage with what it is a filmmaker is presenting you.

Whether it's a man dressing up like a bat and punching criminals in the face or a group of scientists creating dinosaurs from DNA extracted from mosquitoes preserved in amber, each time you take your seat to watch something on the big-screen, you to do so with an open mind.

Comic-book movies, in particular, are relying on your ability to accept the fantastical, but sometimes, even they can go a little too far, abusing your trust with absurd storylines and completely ridiculous plot threads.

And more often than not, this stupidity stems from the villain of the piece. After all, our heroes need a tough-old adversary to beat up, and superhero screenwriters seem intent on delivering us just that, no matter how much their evil plots defy logic.

So, in honour of those baddies who probably should have thought things through a little bit more, here are eight villainous schemes that left us scratching our heads...


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