8 Reasons Upgrade Is The Year's Best Venom Movie

7. It's R-Rated...And Makes The Most Of It

Upgrade Logan Marshall Green

Many fans were disappointed when it was announced that Venom would be rated PG-13, but considering how easily the character can be marketed to teenagers, it's not at all surprising - if still frustrating - that Sony went this route. The result is a neutered mess of a movie that's forced to awkwardly cut away whenever Venom decides to bite a goon's head off.

While Upgrade's action is far more infrequent, it certainly makes the most of its more permissive R rating, with Grey carrying out some legitimately nauseating - but undeniably awesome - acts of wanton bodily dismantlement.

These bursts of shocking gore cement just how powerful Grey's new pal is, while Venom's left feeling awkwardly braced between pandering to the teen demographic and wishing it could drop more than a single F-bomb.

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