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Science fiction is a curious beast in cinema. Encompassing all sorts of sub-genres, such as fantasy, speculative fiction, technological advancement and so on, it represents one of the broadest churches possible on the big screen. As such, entries under its name tend to be many and varied, and have been ever since the birth of cinema.

Yet what marks sci-fi out as unique among the genres is two things – one, by virtue of it’s anything-goes philosophy, it’s possible to argue that it’s possibly the most creative field out there, and two, that unlike many other blockbusters, the sci-fi blockbuster is often inherently bound to the technology used in creating movies insofar as CGI and special effects are concerned. It’s a fact of life that some science fiction films don’t age well, and this can detract away from good stories.

It’s these two points which bring up the possibility of reboots – that you can tell an already-existing story from a different angle, or tell it with more visual panache and flair. Movie studios have always had their eye out for potentially reboot-able properties, so I’ve attempted to find some good candidates with the weird and wonderful world of sci-fi.

Be warned, there will be mild SPOILERS ahead. 

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This article was first posted on July 3, 2013