8 Science Fiction Movies Ruined By Their Twists

Quick! Make up some science to save us!

Fox Searchlight

There's plenty of films out there that know exactly how to deliver a good twist. Whether it's critically acclaimed fare such as The Usual Suspects or Fight Club, or mind bending indie flicks like Primer and Coherence, a solid narrative underpinned with some dastardly secrets can entirely make a film.

But sadly, it can also break it. When plot twists aren't given everything they need to grow big and strong, a last act 180 can destroy everything a movie has carefully planted up to that point - throwing deal-breaking moments on screen that can undermine nuanced character work in a heartbeat, and defy the very rules the piece has spent so long setting up.

Sometimes, there was perfectly good alternative options on the cards, and sometimes, filmmakers put all their eggs in one basket and count their chickens well before the time has come, instead of hatching up something worthwhile.

Collecting together eight such offenders, this list explores the movies that would have stood up much better if their endings hadn't decided to push it that step too far. Clever? No. Entertaining? Sometimes. Ridiculous? Like you wouldn't believe.

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