8 Sequels Teased In Post-Credits Scenes (That Never Actually Happened)

There's an art to the post-credit stinger; it can be a great way to keep audiences guessing for what might be to come, and can also be a handy way to field out an idea for a sequel that perhaps hasn't yet been accepted by the studio. If audiences take to it, then you're golden. However, sometimes films will serve up a post-credit tease for a sequel that just won't come to fruition; though some of the films on this list could still feasibly have a sequel, each passing month without an announcement makes it increasingly less likely, given the tendency for studios to strike while the iron is hot. Whether it was a serious proposition or just a cheeky tease, here are 8 sequels implied by post-credits scenes that never actually happened...

8. Masters of the Universe 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6hCCPCkIg4 The 1987 live-action He-Man adaptation Masters of the Universe ended with He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) knocking Skeletor into a moat, seemingly having vanquished him once and for all. Once it's all said and done, however, a post-credits scene blindsided viewers, in which Skeletor peeks his head out of what can only be described as bright pink goo and shouts "I'll be back!" in the most comically exaggerated fashion possible. However, the film flopped, failing to make its budget back, and so it seemed, in fact, that Skeletor would not be back. Fun fact: the original script for the terrible Jean-Claude Van Damme film Cyborg was originally penned as Masters of the Universe 2, but presumably as a result of the first film failing to meet financial expectations, it was retooled as a film that was probably far worse than any potential MOTU sequel. One of cinema's more infamous stingers both for its unfulfilled promise and its deranged lunacy, fans like to refer to it as "The Skeletor".
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