8 Theories About Spider-Man's Role In Captain America: Civil War

Spidey is finally swinging into the MCU...but how will he be used?

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can... But what is it exactly that he can, or rather will do in Captain America: Civil War. One of the most exciting elements of Cap 3, aside from the insane number of superheroes and the promise of Captain America fighting Iron Man, is that it'll serve as the MCU introduction for Spider-Man. After years in the wilderness (aka with Sony), the web-slinger is back home with Marvel, and the hope is that after poor sequels and failed reboot attempts, this is what's needed to once again do the character justice on the big screen. So far, there are a couple of key facts we know about the character. One is that he'll be played by Tom Holland, a relatively unknown 19-year-old, most recognisable from his role in The Impossible. That feeds into the second thing we know: this will be a markedly younger Spider-Man than we've seen in either Sam Raimi's or Marc Webb's films, with Peter Parker set to be a 15-year-old high-school student just at the outset of his superhero career. Oh, and we won't see Uncle Ben die again, because twice since the turn of the century is quite enough. Aside from that, though, it's up in the air. He's been withheld from all the marketing so far, so we don't know what side he's on, how much he'll be in the film, or even what his suit will look like. In the absence of knowledge, it's up to fans to try and predict just what he'll be doing. Look out, here comes the Spider-Man (theories).
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