8 Things IT Chapter 2 Must Do To Succeed

Please, no giant magic turtles.


If the rather blunt 'It: Chapter One' title card that popped up just before the credits didn't make it clear, then the record-breaking box-office numbers did: Andy Muschietti's adaptation of the terrifying Stephen King novel is definitely getting a sequel.

As fans of said novel (or the 1990 miniseries) will know, the story is a tale of two halves - one half featuring the self-titled Losers' Club fighting Pennywise as children, and the other featuring them as adults as they return to Derry to battle the evil clown once again.

If the upcoming Chapter Two is even half as good as the original then we're all in for another spooky good time at the movies, but as is the case with any sequel, there's a risk the filmmakers will drop the ball, grow overly self-indulgent or repeat mistakes they made the first time around.

Hopefully that won't be the case here, but since this particular sequel is unusual in that it's literally the second part of the same story, it's important for it to flow seamlessly on from the first, and there's a lot that could go wrong with that.

So, in a perfect world, what would it take for It: Chapter Two to be as successful - both in terms of quality and audience reception - as the first?

Warning: spoilers for It: Chapter One (and the entire original novel), throughout.


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