8 Times Audiences Were Blamed For Movies That Failed

Dear Hollywood: it's not our fault if you churn out garbage.

20th Century Fox

The unfortunate reality of working in the movie industry is that, at some point, you'll have to deal with a huge failure. Whether it's a financial disappointment, a critical ravaging or a disheartening response from fans, there are very few filmmakers in history who have a squeaky-clean record of success.

The main reason a failure is inevitable is that there are so many factors that can result in one, and a lot are out of the filmmaker's hands.

They can try their best to make a great movie, sure, but that's extremely difficult to do. There's no telling how the fans will respond, either: a film that seems destined for success might actually end up being torn apart, and even if it is beloved, there are no guarantees that people will even pay to see it. As a result, box-office flops and other high-profile missteps are all-too common, and not a year goes by without a handful of new movies joining that esteemed club.

Even still, we hardly ever see the creative talent associated with these movies publicly discuss their failures, let alone pin the blame directly on audiences. But in some cases, the directors, writers and executives are a bit more open about what went wrong.


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