8 Times Hollywood Didn't Care What You Think

LOL an entire fanbase will get annoyed LOL

The Last Jedi Luke Throw

Hollywood is having something of a"transition period", shall we say. With the proliferation of social media has come an overwhelming amount of tailorable data i.e. ways for production teams to analyse the wants and needs of the masses, hopefully discerning precisely what "the best movie" is, or what "the best storylines" are.

Take a look at the likes of Warner Bros. Dark Universe, Guy Ritchie's King Arthur or more recently, the DCEU. All three suffered in the creative department as various studio-mandated decisions smoothed over the edges under the guise of "mass appeal", or otherwise making a flick that'll rake in as much cash as possible.

Fans' wants and needs are frequently cast aside, as even though there may be vocal contingents screaming about character resurrections or dangling plot threads, the millions of us who test positive for enjoying action flicks, volume-spiking jump scares or half-naked female support roles win out.

If you're anything like me, the past few years of Hollywood being inundated with 6/10 "yup, it's fine" movies only points to one thing: They care even less about satisfying core audiences, discarding memorability for whizzbang special effects and extra zeroes on a pay check.

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